Our Global Mission Partners

Agros International

Agros works with rural families in Central America and Mexico, breaking the cycle of poverty through a holistic development model of community organization, land ownership, housing and infrastructure, sustainable economic growth and community education.  Website

African Hospitality Institute

African Hospitality Institute, located in the bush of Central Uganda, is transforming lives one person at a time; breaking the bonds of poverty and dependency that hold people back from living a full and productive life that blesses others. Its unique vocational training and relational discipleship programs impact unemployed Ugandan men and women. Its 10 room exclusive guesthouse provides a sanctuary of opportunities to Western Mission Teams and Humanitarian Volunteers with life changing experiences as they work alongside and share their lives with those trapped in extreme poverty.  Website

Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap By Giving (BTG), a local non-profit founded by Shirley Adams, raises awareness and money for clean water, sanitation, and training in hygiene in developing countries. Hundred of volunteers and donors of all ages have provided over 18,000 Africans with clean water for life. Our largest awareness outreach and fundraiser is the annual Walk 4 Water that involves local businesses, churches, individuals, schools and service groups. BTG is a donor-advised fund with North Valley Community Foundation, which assures that gifts are tax deductable. One hundred percent of the money given goes to safe water projects. Everyone needs clean water.  Website



Cristosal is a human rights organization working to advance human rights in Central America through rights-based research, learning, and programing. We come alongside victims of violence to provide protection when they need it most, repair the lingering effects of human rights violations, and build human rights environments to create conditions where peace is possible. Learn more here: www.cristosal.org

 Service Opportunities:

Travel to El Salvador for a week long Global School Seminar

Cristosal’s Global School creates opportunities for community, religious, student and professional leaders from different cultural backgrounds to engage with one another and learn together how to promote and defend human rights through the lens of Salvadoran experience. We facilitate intensive week-long seminars using a participatory model, through which students and facilitators share in the learning experience. Our courses are based on Cristosal’s original research and programming, and include discussions led by experts working directly with the themes of each seminar. Each seminar also includes community field visits, meetings with Salvadoran leaders, and cultural interchange between Salvadoran participants and international participants (those not from El Salvador or Central America).  Interpretation is provided in all seminars, ensuring both English and Spanish speakers may participate. View the course catalog here: https://www.cristosal.org/global-school

From Chico

Curious to learn more about human rights?  Take our online, self-paced advocacy training.  Sign up here: https://www.cristosal.org/become-advocate

For more information contact Audrey Denney at: audreylyndenney@gmail.com.


New Life Homes - Swaziland

Peter and Mary Jean Kopp began New Life Homes in 2001 to address the growing need to care for the most vulnerable children, orphaned or abandoned and without alternatives for care as a result of the HIV/AIDS crisis.  A 195-acre farm was acquired in 2003.  To date, four homes have been built and are fully operational.  Each home provides for 8 to 10 children.  Dedicated Swazi parents give themselves to love and parent these children unconditionally.  Each family operates as independently as possible, functioning as any other family in their culture. Seeking to achieve self-reliance, both parents and children participate through growing their own food and generating income.  Free-range eggs, broiler chickens, pigs, beef, vegetables and vegetable seedling are profitably marketed.  Website


One Mobile Projector Per Trainer partners with charities already serving in the poorest communities of the world like Haiti, Rwanda, and Nepal to transform lives through education. OMPT provides the local people with cordless, solar-powered mobile projectors to communicate vital health and sanitation practices.  Website

Siloé Ministries - Baja, Mexico

Siloé Ministries is a Christian medical ministry serving in La Mision, Baja California and other poor communities in Mexico. They provide needy families with free health education, medical and dental care, and Christ-centered counseling. They run a family medicine and dental clinic in La Mision and host medical mission teams.

Service Opportunities:
Medical/Dental – There are short- and long-term opportunities for doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, medical students and other medical professionals to volunteer at Siloé Clinic.

Small groups – Siloé would like to host small groups (~6-12) that wish to come on a regular basis (perhaps annually) to serve, engage, and build relationships with members of their community. Service opportunities might include helping in the clinic, conducting VBS in one of the surrounding communities, home repairs, etc.

Cyclists – Each year, Team Siloé rides in the famous Rosarito-Ensenada bike race in May 6. A group of friends and supporters will complete the 50-mile course to raise funds for the Wellness Center construction and operations.

Help from Chico – There may be opportunities to help Siloe with newsletters, thank-you notes, etc.

For more information, contact Chris Brown at cbrown.chico@gmail.com


US Foundation for the Children of Haiti

Haiti continues to be the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti (USFCH) is dedicated to providing financial, medical, and religious support and assistance to the needy children of Haiti.  The orphanage/school/hospital provide for the care of children including severely disabled and hundreds of families in the community. Through these efforts, children who might otherwise die as a consequence of the worst poverty, have an opportunity to live and grow in an environment of love and security.  Website

The following are ways that you can become involved with Bidwell’s ministry to USFCH:

  • Join the Bidwell mission team in early July as they travel to Haiti to run a sports camp, VBS and birthday party for children.
  • Help with various activities to support the July mission team:
    • March: collecting/sorting donations for the Boutique yard sale.
    • April: work at the fundraising event
    • Sponsor one of the house moms or staff by sending a gift with the team.
    • Prep craft activities for camp.
    • Buy a gift for the children’s birthday party.
  • Sponsor a child with US Foundation for the Children of Haiti.
  • Scholarship a student in our Technical school (Nursing, IT, Electrical Engineering).

For more information on helping with this mission, contact Karla Albert: k.shelley@sbcglobal.net