A deacon ministers to those who are in need, to the sick, and to the friendless. Members of our Board of Deacons visit the hospitalized and elderly; take meals to new parents or persons recovering from hospitalization; extend hospitality on Sundays after worship services; pray actively for known prayer requests; distribute beneficent funds to those experiencing financial hardship.


Bidwell Presbyterian Church takes seriously God’s command to pray for all things and one another, to support one another in faith, and to believe where two or more are gathered together God’s Spirit is there also.

How Do I Submit a Prayer Request?

If you would like to submit a prayer request electronically, click on the “Submit A Prayer Request” button above in the banner.  Prayer requests can also be submitted through the white “visitor/prayer” card found in your bulletin on Sundays or you can also call the church office (530-343-1484).

Who Gets The Prayer Requests?

Prayers submitted (electronically, via phone, via white visit/prayer card) will be sent via email to a distribution list of over 300 people who have committed to praying. If the request is to be kept confidential among the pastors, please indicate this and the pastors will be the only ones to see your request and to pray.

Can I request One-on-One Prayer?

If you would like someone to pray one-on-one with you, please call the church office at 343-1484 to request a meeting with a Deacon or Stephen Minister.



12:00 – 1:00 pm
Chapel (Room 112)

Does Bidwell Offer Other Prayer Opportunities?

We hold a weekly prayer hour in the chapel which is open to anyone in the Chapel (the small room behind the sanctuary – Room 112) every Thursday from 12:00-1:00 pm. We pray for our church, our community, concerns in the world, and any personal requests brought forward. You can come to pray or be prayed for. You do not need to come for the entire hour and you can invite anyone, as this is open to the public.

I Am Committed To Pray, Can I Be Added To The Prayer List?

If you would like to be put on the email distribution list so that you receive prayer requests and you would like to commit to praying for those requests when you receive them, contact pdavidson@bidwellpres.org.

Guidelines to Follow When Submitting a Prayer Request

Bidwell Presbyterian Church is a praying community. We value the opportunity to pray with and for individuals. If you are in need of prayer you may submit your prayer request and the request will be emailed to a list of hundreds of people in our congregation who have committed to praying when they receive the emails. When submitting a prayer request, please note the following:

1) You must secure the permission of anyone for whom you are submitting a prayer request. Otherwise, please submit your request without the individuals’ names.

2) You must limit your request to 60 words or less. All prayer requests are subject to being edited before they are sent out to the email distribution list.

3) Not all prayer requests can be sent out quickly. Our usual turnaround is 24 hours, but that cannot always be guaranteed.

4) Please remember that there are many people reading the requests, so confidentiality and sensitivity to details should be honored. If you would like someone to pray one-on-one with you, please contact the church office at 530-343-1484 to make a request for a Deacon or Stephen Minister.



Deacons seek to bring the love of Christ by visiting members of our church who are hospitalized, in care facilities, or who are homebound. If you would like to request a visit with a deacon, email deacons@bidwellpres.org.

Meals Ministry

The Meals Ministry serves families or individuals within our church community by providing ready-to-eat meals. Designed to help ease daily burdens, this ministry is carried out by a network of volunteers within BPC who serve one another by meeting the practical need of food preparation.


Deacons bring a worship service and communion to Windchime, Sierra Sunrise/Terraces, and The Courtyard assisted living residences on the first Sunday of every month. These services are open to all Christians living at these facilities.


Deacons attend to the life events of our church members by sending out cards and notes of encouragement, sympathy, priase, or recovery. If you know of someone who would benefit from this type of communication from our deacons, email deacons@bidwellpres.org.