We are a church congregation made up of all generations and walks of life. We are teachers, students, farmers, small business owners, healthcare personnel, administrators, community leaders, hard workers, musicians, volunteers, mothers, fathers, grandparents; but more than anything, we are people who stand together in God’s unrelenting grace and love to see His restoration happen in and through us.

We are children of God who are willing and take part in serving our city as well as the nations. We desire to love one another and serve beyond our walls, to see hearts touched and changed by the love of God. We believe that we are called to advance the Kingdom of God and represent the head, heart, and hands of Jesus to join in God’s vision of restoration.



Through our fearless faith, unconditionally surrendering to Christ and being transformed by His power. We are rooted in grace and shaped by God’s Word.

Together, realizing that no one stands alone. As a diverse congregation, we are welcoming to all who enter our doors. We mature as a church community through authenticity, transparency, and being empowered by God to serve others.

By being Christ’s hands and feet in our everyday lives. We seek to demonstrate the good news of God’s unending mercy and love for a hurting world. With joy and extravagant generosity we are impacting Chico and beyond.